Darrtown United Methodist Chuch
4309 Walnut Street
Darrtown, Ohio 45056
(May 2012)
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The following three photos of the Darrtown Methodist Church were taken by Paul Weiss. The Weiss children (Frances, Bill, and Linn) contributed the images to the website.
The photo at the left was taken in 1955 from behind the Weiss home on Main Street - looking west.
ABOVE: This image captures some kind of work behind the Methodist Church. Bill Weiss suggested that Ben Barbour may have been the bulldozer operator. And, yes, the small structure between the bulldozer and the church is an "outhouse" - i.e., outdoor toilet.
ABOVE: Four "supervisors" include (L-R): Unidentified, Earl Young, Dick Bufler (with hands on hips) and Jerry Young.

Marvin Russell contributed the next five Bible School images (one right and four below).

We seek help in defining whether this Bible School was hosted by the Union Sunday School or whether it was hosted solely by the Darrtown Methodist Church.

If you can identify any of the persons who appear in the five photos contributed by Marvin, please contact the Webmaster.

ABOVE: Mrs. Marcella Baumann is the woman seated at the right. All others are unidentified.

ABOVE: The girl standing at the right is Naomi Jo Witherby; the woman seated in front of Naomi Jo is her mother, Mrs. Jean Witherby. The girl with the blue blouse may be Ruth Decker.

ABOVE: The woman in the background is Georgia Wills.

ABOVE: These two images were donated by Deanna (Lemmons) Richardson, in October 2013.
Ida Mae Lemmons (Deanna's mother) is seen in the photo at the left and Sally Hansel is seen in the photo at the right.
Both ladies are dressed for participation in the 2003 Methodist Church Vacation Bible School parade. The Methodist church appears in the background.