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FUNDRAISER 1: Dinner - March 23, 2013 ~ Milford Township Community Center



To publicize the first major Bicentennial fundraiser, the Bicentennial Steering Committee placed this  advertisement in the Oxford Press and Hamilton Journal newspapers.


The same image also appeared in several issues of an electronic newsletter, which was sent to all persons listed in the mailing list.


12"x18" posters of this image were displayed in businesses, throughout Darrtown, Milford Township, and Butler County.

The following summary of the March 23, 2013 Dinner and Fundraiser appeared in local newspapers and in an electronic newsletter that was sent to all persons listed in the mailing list.

March 23rd Dinner/Fundraiser Deemed Huge Success



The 2014 Darrtown Bicentennial Fund received a significant financial boost Saturday night, when nearly 400 persons gathered for a fundraiser at the Milford Township Community Center in Collinsville. The evening’s events included dinner, raffles, an auction, live music, a “Darrtown Trivia” slide show, card playing, and the sale of commemorative decks of playing cards.


390 meals were served, as patrons enjoyed dinner fare that featured Charlie Kennel’s fried chicken and pulled pork sandwiches, au gratin potatoes, and green beans. Darrtown and Collinsville church members, plus other Darrtown enthusiasts, contributed desserts, which were included with the meal.


The 8 PM raffle and auction ran about 45 minutes. Among the raffled items were more than 40 products and/or services, donated by area merchants and Darrtown-area residents. An Apple iPad “mini” and a Kindle Fire were the featured raffle items. Seven items were sold at a live auction conducted by local auctioneer, Bobby Pieratt.


Dennis Byrd and his Coke-Otto Boys provided over an hour of toe-tapping and hand-clapping “country-style” music.


A 20 minute “Darrtown Trivia” slide show was presented as a salute to Darrtown’s past and to whet the appetite of trivia aficionados, as a more extended Darrtown trivia program is scheduled for the 2014 Darrtown Bicentennial.


Pitch, a popular card game played by many generations in and around Darrtown and throughout Butler County, was the primary game of choice at Saturday night’s fundraiser. Interest is building for the Darrtown Bicentennial Pitch Card Tournament. Information about the Pitch card tournament is available at .


Decks of playing cards, which commemorate the 2014 Darrtown Bicentennial, were sold during the evening. Manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company, these decks display the official Darrtown Bicentennial logo. Decks are priced at $10 each; all benefits derived from the sale of the playing cards go to the Darrtown Bicentennial Fund.


Two other commemorative items, that will be available for future purchase, were displayed during the evening:

> The first item, which will be sold at auction, during the July 5-6, 2014 Bicentennial, is a black and white, 42x54 inch, quilted, wall hanging that includes 20 images from Darrtown’s past.

> The second item is a limited edition, powder-coated, key fob that displays the Darrtown Bicentennial logo. The attractive and durable key fobs are available on a “sign-up” basis. More information about these two keepsake items is available at


Members of the Darrtown Bicentennial Steering Committee wish to express appreciation to all who attended the dinner-fundraiser and to all the area merchants and other individuals who donated items to the raffle and auction.


Steering committee members include Dale Bufler, Betty Daniels, Jack Daniels, Paul Gillespie, Fred Lindley, Joe Pater, and Ron Wiley.



Janet Pater conferred with

Betty & Jack Daniels

at the ticket sales table





LEFT: Dale Bufler introduced Sister Josephine to the audience.

The Coke-Otto Boys Won the "Battle of the Bands"

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