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FUNDRAISER 3: Dinner ~ November 9, 2013 ~ Milford Township Community Center

BELOW: Don Beckett (of Don's Carry-out) and Jeff Beckett (of Eric's Pizza) displayed this poster and sold dinner tickets.

 BELOW: The Bicentennial Steering Committee placed this advertisement in the Oxford Press & Hamilton Journal newspapers.

The following summary of the November 9, 2013 Dinner and Fundraiser

appeared in the November 19, 2013 "Just Do You Know" electronic newsletter.

Harvest Dinner and Fundraiser Helps Bicentennial Project


The November 9, 2013 Darrtown Bicentennial “Harvest Dinner and Fundraiser” was another successful step toward financing the Darrtown Bicentennial. Nearly 270 people gathered at the Milford Township Community Center, in Collinsville, Ohio, to enjoy food prepared by Charlie Kennel and socialize with old and new friends. In the near future, photos from this event will be posted in the Events section of the Darrtown website. Organizers of this fundraiser greatly appreciate the support of all who attended.


The members of the Darrtown Bicentennial Steering Committee wish to express appreciation to all who attended the dinner-fundraiser and to all the volunteers who helped made the evening possible. Steering committee members include Dale Bufler, Betty Daniels, Jack Daniels, Paul Gillespie, Fred Lindley, Joe Pater, and Ron Wiley.


LEFT: Bill Phelps (brown jacket) and

Senator Bill Coley (green sweater) helped greet guests.

BELOW: Jean Derickson,

Denise (Wiley) Olthaus, and Pat Wiley.



Before the serving line started, Steering Committee members Fred Lindley and Ron Wiley stepped up to the plate (pun intended) and sampled the dessert -

just to be certain that the

customers would be satisfied.


The two longtime friends

suggested that this activity

would enable them to list

"Dessert Taster"

on their resumes,

which might lead to

part-time employment.

RIGHT: Patti (Daniels) Quinn sold commemorative key fobs

and took paver orders.

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