PHASE I: The Darrtown Bicentennial paver project


The Darrtown Bicentennial Steering Committee thought it appropriate that the upgrading of Darrtown's village square be part of Darrtown's Bicentennial celebration. Thus, the Milford Township Memorial Park was born. Pathways and patios, with engraved pavers, were envisioned and, over time, landscaping plans evolved.


The Bicentennial Steering Committee invited the general public to purchase pavers and specify engraved inscriptions to commemorate the memory of families, individuals, events, businesses, and organizations that had past and/or present connections to Darrtown and Milford Township.

Example pavers

PHASE II: The Darrtown Reunion paver project


The paver project continued beyond the 2014 Bicentennial celebration, when the Bicentennial Steering Committee transitioned into the Darrtown Reunion Committee. Consequently, pavers continued to be purchased and placed in the village square.


To date (March, 2017), 468 pavers have been sold and installed. Paver sales have enabled the (then) Bicentennial Committee and the (now) Reunion Committee to pay the costs associated with creating the walkway, buying blank pavers, having the purchased pavers engraved and maintaining the park. Profit from the project is used to cover the cost of landscaping (i.e., planting, trimming, and replacing trees and shrubs, fertilizer, weed spray, etc.). The Milford Township Trustees cover the cost of mowing.


Pavers are placed in the pathways and patios of the two village square quadrants that lie west of Main Street (St. Rt. 177) in the center of Darrtown. These two quadrants form what has been officially named the Milford Township Memorial Park.


The northwest quadrant is reserved for pavers that are engraved with the names of military veterans from Darrtown and vicinity. The southwest (civilian) quadrant is designated for pavers with inscriptions that commemorate the memories of non-military persons, organizations, events, etc.


Each paver measures 4" x 8" x 2 1/4" and is antique, or red sunset, in color. Engraved lettering accommodates three lines of text and a maximum of 14 characters per line, including spaces.


Pavers are $50 each. To reduce expenses, volunteers deliver blank pavers to the engraving company, which is located in Cincinnati, Ohio; pick up the engraved pavers; deliver them to Darrtown, and place the engraved pavers in the village square.

Commemorate the memory of individuals, families, organizations, or events with an engraved paver in Darrtown's village square.

The engraved message is limited to three lines of text. Each line is limited to 14 spaces. See details at Paver Project.


Click the "Buy Now" link below to purchase your paver with a credit card.


1. Compose your message:

Each paver is limited to three lines of text and each line of text is limited to 14 characters (letters, numerals, spaces, and punctuation marks).


2. Submit your message:

Include the message that you want engraved on your paver with your payment.


3. Choose your method of payment (ONLINE or US MAIL):

ONLINE, with a credit card


To pay online, click the “PayPal” link at the end of this section.


PayPal accepts all major credit cards. You do NOT need a PayPal account to use your credit card.


You will be required to provide the following information during the “check-out” phase:

(a)  The desired location for the paver (the northwest quadrant is reserved for members of the military and the southwest quadrant is reserved for all others).

(b) The message that you want engraved on your paver.


To pay online with your credit card, CLICK THE FOLLOWING "BUY NOW" ICON / LINK.

Specify the location of your paver

Line 1 (14 spaces)
Line 2 (14 spaces)
Line 3 (14 spaces)

U.S. MAIL, with a personal check or money order


(a) Click the following link to download the order form.

(b) Print the order form

(c) Complete the order form, which provides information about how to fill out your check (or money order) and where to mail it).

(d) Mail your order form

Click to DOWNLOAD the


Images of the Bicentennial paver project in the Darrtown village square - as of August 1, 2013

Images of the Bicentennial paver project and the Darrtown village square - as of October 30, 2013

View of the Darrtown village square - as of October 2016

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