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Darrtown "Gathering" #3 - September 10, 2011

Bicentennial Idea Introduced


26 people gathered at the Hitching Post, on a pleasant, sunny Saturday morning to reminisce about days gone by and to envision days to come - as the main focus of this Darrtown "Gathering" was to discuss the idea of organizing a Darrtown Bicentennial in the summer of 2014.


While the group was assembling in the historic tavern, Ball Florist of Oxford delivered two serving trays of pastries and fruit, compliments of Elise (Krause) Karin, now a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada. Elise sent the gifts as a token of her appreciation for some genealogical information that the website was able to provide her. Elise is connected to Darrtown through her relationship to Richard L. "Butch" Green, who lives on Schollenbarger Road. Butch's mother and Elise's father are/were first cousins. Some time ago, Elise and her family lived on Eaton Road, north of Hamilton.


Ron Wiley acknowledged the gift of pastries and fruit from Elyse (Krause) Karin, as he opened today's session.


Ron then asked everyone to provide a short "self-introduction. " Those in attendance included: Dale Bufler, Jack and Betty Daniels, Shawn and Donna Gallagher, Fred and Barb Dakin, Gene and Freda Derickson, Marna Evans, Sandy (Ward) Jolivette, Fred Lindley, Rick Martin, Kirk Mee III, Harlan and Gerri Miller, Joe and Janet Pater, Harry Paulin, Bob Quick, Gary Russell, Marvin and Patty Russell, Ken and Carolyn Russell, Bill Weiss, Linn Weiss, and Ron Wiley.


Kirk Mee III earned recognition for traveling the furthest for today's "Gathering," as he drove from Virginia. Harlan Miller and his wife, Gerri, also traveled a significant distance from their home near Mansfield, Ohio.


Following the self-introductions, the group discussed the idea of organizing a Darrtown Bicentennial in 2014. For a summary of the discussion about a bicentennial celebration, please click the following link to access the Darrtown Bicentennial page.

Before concluding today's gathering, the group recognized Sean Hurley, Hitching Post co-owner, for opening earlier than normal to facilitate the reunion. Sean served coffee and other beverages during the session and then opened the kitchen at 11:30 A.M. for those who wanted to order food from the Hitching Post menu.

Images from September 10, 2011 "Gathering"



Betty Daniels (left foreground) and

Sean Hurley (right background)

ABOVE: This image shows: (L-R): Shawn Gallagher, Bob Quick, Barb Dakin, Ken Russell, Fred Dakin (behind Ken), Dale Bufler, and Gary Russell.

LEFT: Harlan Miller / ABOVE: Joe Pater / RIGHT: Harry Paulin

Kirk Mee III

Marna Evans

Freda Derickson

Gene Derickson

ABOVE (L-R) Kirk Mee III,

Sandy (Ward) Jolivette,

Rick Martin;

and Donna (Jewell) Gallagher

Dale Bufler



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