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Darrtown "Gathering" #4 - April 21, 2012

The Hitching Post tavern, in downtown Darrtown, once again served as the meeting place for a Darrtown Gathering. This event began at 10:30 AM on Saturday, April 21, 2012

We began with a SURPRISE...


Ron Wiley called the session to order by asking the group to sing "Happy Birthday" to the respected, well-liked, and much surprised "birthday boy," Dale Bufler.


Thanks to the behind-the-scenes work of Sandy (Ward) Jolivette, a decorative birthday cake was shared among those present and Hitching Post owner, Sean Hurley, provided freshly brewed coffee.


RIGHT: Ron Wiley and Sandy Jolivette hold the cake that was prepared for Dale Bufler (seen standing in the center).

...and then, we looked to the FUTURE...


…as the group reviewed tentative plans for the Darrtown Bicentennial.


1st - Fred Lindley described the "big picture," as he shared the Bicentennial Steering Committee's vision of what the Bicentennial experience might be like.


2nd - Ron explained anticipated work, as he identified eight potential committees.


3rd - Sandy Ward Jolivette distributed sign-up sheets that included a description of the sub-committee tasks, along with contact information for the sub-committee coordinators.


4th - Ron Wiley led a discussion of questions and comments from the audience.


The sign-up sheets, which Sandy Jolivette distributed in step 3 above, were collected.


The session ended with the understanding that the coordinators of the eight sub-committees would soon begin communicating with their respective workers about the tasks that must be accomplished.


Scenes from the April 21, 2012 Darrtown Gathering

Happy Birthday, Dale!


Clockwise from above:


Dale Bufler's surprise birthday cake


Dale expressing appreciation to the audience


Dale and his family members

LEFT: Some of those in attendance are seen here - during the discussion period of the Gathering.


Left to right: "Dutch" Derickson, Paul "Pete" Jewell, Janet Jewell, Charles Menke (obscured in darkness, behind Janet), Jean Derickson - in foreground, Donna Gallagher, Janet Menke, Marna Evans - in foreground, John "Jack" Daniels, Dixie Collins - in foreground, and Betty Daniels.

ABOVE: Fred Lindley presented the Steering Committee's vision of what the Bicentennial might look like.

ABOVE: Ron Wiley led the open discussion, near the end of the Gathering.

"Ad libs" from the Open Discussion Portion of the Gathering


Beard-growing Contest?


A suggestion was made that the Bicentennial organizers might encourage people to wear "period pieces" - i.e., clothing of days gone by.


Fred Lindley interjected that someone had also suggested that men might be encouraged to grow commemorative beards and then Fred (who is the dude with the shiny dome, in the photo above left) quickly added, "...not that I could tell others how to grow hair."



Liar's Bench?


Ron Wiley described several objects that will be sold at the Bicentennial auction.


One of the items is a "liar's bench," which Ron is constructing for the Bicentennial auction. The bench is intended to commemorate those days when locals sat around Luther McVicker's garage and told stories of varying degrees of honesty.


No sooner had the phrase "liar's bench" left Ron's mouth, than an unidentified female voice in the audience remarked, "That bench will have to be 100 feet long!"


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