There is no known official history of Darrtown.

"History never looks like history,

when you are living through it."

John W. Gardner (1933-1982)

Introduction / overview

In our quest to preserve Darrtown history, the best that we can do is collect and conserve the physical artifacts (newspaper accounts, diaries, journals photographs, etc.) along with oral stories – told from one generation to the next.

This history section of the provides an unofficial, well-intentioned, collection of such information. Some items in this website conflict with others; such is the lot of those who attempt to capture history. We gather as many pieces of the puzzle as we can; position them to the best of our ability; and, with a bit of luck, a more accurate record of the past gradually evolves.


If you have information that enriches this collection of Darrtown-related history and/or makes it more accurate, please contact the webmaster.

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Maps - See location of Darrtown & historical maps

Historic Time Line - Associating world and local events

Darrtown Chronology - Darrtown events in timely order

Historic Sites - See location of local historical sites

Folklore, anecdotes and trivia - Stories told thru the ages

Railroad plans verified - Proof that a railroad was planned

German heritage - Achtung! Sprechen sie Deutsch?

Unwritten history - Rectifying an overlooked story

The Unknowns - Answers needed!

Darrtown doctors - Who were Darrtown's physicians?

Lanes Mill - One of Darrtown's earliest businesses

Four Mile Valley Railroad - Plans and route revealed

Darrtown Family Tree - Darrtown's pioneer families listed

Murder-1865 - Murder times two

Murder-1884 - "Where's your mother, George?"

Bus Line - "Next stop...Darrtown!"

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