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Methodist Church

Darrtown United Methodist Church

4309 Walnut Street

Darrtown, Ohio 45056

(May 2012)













1889-90: Frank Leever


1891-94: Andrew Hamilton


1895: George W. Vorhis


1896-99: John H. Lease


1900-04: Oliver P. Hoffman


1905-06: Joseph W. Patten


1907-12: Oren D. Becker






1913-15: D. S. Ferguson


1916-17: William T. Williams


1918-19: Gilbert P. Austin


1920-22: Lewis A. Washburn


1923-24: John F. Laird


1925: James Otis Young


1926: Wesley N. Mantle


1927: Marion Q. Ladd


1928-29: H. A. Smith


1930: Wallace Miller


1931-36: Ralph C. Jones


1937-39: Floyd S. Webb


1940-43: Frank H. Karns


1944: Joseph K. Price


1945-47: Orrill Dunn


1948: Walter McCarley


1949-51: Harley J. Martin


1952-53: C. Melvin Alkire


1954-58: Edwin J. Gilford


1959-62: Dale Bumgardner


1963-68: Robert L. Hayes


1969-70: Philip Rice


1971-73: Richard M. Lehto


1974-75: Norman M. Wright


1976-78: Lynn J. Huffman


1979-80: Robert T. Bumgarner


1981-88: Harold F. Braley


1989-92: Nancy Ratz


1993-94: Robert J. Schnecker


1994-98: Lawrence Brock


1999: Judith T. Henderson


1999-2002: Edwin R. Stuhmer


2003-13: Edwin R. Beck


2014-present: Chris Trumbell



1810: "The church roots date to 1810, when a Methodist group organized in what is now known as 'Charleroi,' where the cemetery still exiists." (per Hamilton Journal-News, 08/19/1961)


1871: Methodist church built (per Hamilton Journal-News, 10/27/1996)

1874: Building sold at sheriff's sale (per Hamilton Journal-News, 10/27/1996)

1875: Congregation repurchases building and purchases church bell  (per Hamilton Journal-News, 10/27/1996)








1907, July 6: Cyclone destroys half of building. During re-construction, Methodist services conducted at Darrtown Lutheran church.

1908, Jan. 22: Miller diary reports Methodist church undergoing repair.

1908, Apr. 12: Miller diary reports "Methodist people dedicated their church today."



1917, Dec. 3: Miller diary reports "I attended a lecture by Tudnor (sp?) Williams of Seven Mile - our Methodist preacher at this place every two weeks."


1921, Dec. 24: Miller diary reports:

"…I attended a Christmas entertainment at the M.E. church this PM. Very good."












1933, Jan. 28: Miller diary reports: "Arnold has been busy in the last two weeks, doing electric wiring. Finished job at Collinsville, Ohio and is doing some work today at the M. E. Church of Darrtown - making some electric extensions."

















1961, January: Methodist congregation ends relationship with former Darrtown Union Sunday School. (per Hamilton Journal-News, 10/27/1996)






























The above list of pastors who served the Darrtown Methodist church is a work in progress. If and when additional info is acquired, it will be added. Much of the foregoing information was excerpted from the church pamphlets that appear below. Some of the information was acquired from obituaries and other public files. If you have info related to this topic, please use the link in the footer of this webpage to inform the webmaster.


We are indebted to Donna Gallagher, who, on July 9, 2013, contributed the following material, which members of the Methodist church assembled and printed for the two special events that are described below.




Members of the Darrtown Methodist Church celebrated two historic events within a period of 14 years.


    ANNIVERSARY OF STRUCTURE: In 1996, the building turned 125 years old - as it was constructed in 1871.

    ANNIVERSARY OF ORGANIZATION: In 2010, the church organization turned 200 years old - as the church was established in 1810.


Documents that were assembled for those two events appear below and the history of the church is reflected within those documents.




Members of the Darrtown United Methodist celebrated the 125th birthday of the church building, on October 27, 1996.

The following images show documents that were distributed at the time.

The following news article appeared in the Hamilton (Ohio) Journal News on October 27, 1996.

The links at the left of the article provide an enlarged view of the article.

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The Darrtown United Methodist congregation celebrated its 200th birthday on September 26, 2010.

The following images show documents that were distributed at the time.

Images from the past...

The following three photos of the Darrtown Methodist Church were taken by Paul Weiss. The Weiss children (Frances, Bill, and Linn) contributed the images to the website.

The photo at the left was taken in 1955 from behind the Weiss home on Main Street - looking west toward the Methodist church.

ABOVE: This image captures some work behind the Methodist Church. Bill Weiss suggested that Ben Barbour may have been the bulldozer operator. And, yes, the small structure between the bulldozer and the church is an "outhouse" - i.e., outdoor toilet.

ABOVE: Four "supervisors" include (L-R): Unidentified, Earl Young, Dick Bufler (with hands on hips) and Jerry Young.

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL Marvin Russell contributed the next five Bible School images (one right and four below). We seek help in defining whether this Bible School was hosted by the Union Sunday School or whether it was hosted solely by the Darrtown Methodist Church. If you can identify any of the persons who appear in the five photos contributed by Marvin, please contact the Webmaster.

LEFT: Mrs. Marcella Baumann is the woman seated at the right. All others are unidentified.

ABOVE: The girl standing at the right is Naomi Jo Witherby; the woman seated in front of Naomi Jo is her mother, Mrs. Jean Witherby. The girl with the blue blouse may be Ruth Decker.

ABOVE: The woman in the background is Georgia Wills.

BELOW: These two images were donated by Deanna (Lemmons) Richardson, in October 2013.

Deanna's mother, Ida Mae Lemmons (left) and Sally Hansel (right) are prepared

to participate in the 2003 Methodist Church Vacation Bible School parade.

The Methodist church appears in the background.

Ida Mae Lemmons

Sally Hansel

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