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Purple Skunks...
...then ...and now.

(With "now"

being defined

as September 12, 2015.)

To quote Mrs. Hazel Green, from her 2008 interview,

"Oh my! Look at all these young boys, with old men's faces."


The September 12th 2015 Darrtown Reunion had a special significance, for the five men seen in the photo above.


Some 65 years previous to this gathering on Don Beckett Field, during the 2015 Darrtown Reunion, these five individuals were part of the Darrtown sports teams that were affectionately known as the "Purple Skunks."


The uppercase, green font, letters that appear in the three photos above are the initials of these five individuals:


  • RW - Ron Wiley
  • HM - Harlan Miller
  • DB - Dale Bufler (voluntary coach and organizer of the teams)
  • BY - Bob Young
  • KM - Kirk Mee

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