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History of Darrtown & Milford Twp.








Somerville, Collinsville, & Seven Mile

Talawanda School District

Schools 4

Related Schools - Collinsville, Somerville, & Seven Mile

How Other Area Schools Are Related To Darrtown History


Darrtown High School closed at the end of the 1938-1939 school year.


Collinsville and Somerville elementary schools continued to serve Milford Township students (kindergarten through grade six) from 1939 into the 1970's. During that time period, upon the completion of their sixth grade school year, Collinsville and Somerville students chose whether to enter the seventh grade at Oxford McGuffey, Oxford Stewart, or Seven Mile junior and senior high schools.


The photos and stories shown on this "Related Schools" page attempt to connect Darrtown history with Collinsville, Somerville, Oxford McGuffey, Oxford Stewart, and Seven Mile schools.


We continue to seek information and photos from visitors to this website. This is especially true for school history. If you have memories or materials related to Milford Township school history or if you notice any errors, please contact the Webmaster.



Students who lived at the northern section of Milford Township attended the Somerville School. When the Somerville High School closed, students in grades 7 - 12 attended Stewart or McGuffey schools in Oxford.

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Somerville School History



The 100th anniversary of the Somerville School was held August 13, 2016.

Click the following link to access details of the celebration:

Somerville School Centennial

Somerville School playground


ABOVE: Grade 3 - Collinsville School 1934.

(This photo was contributed by Donald Falk, July 2012)

The teacher was Roberta Russell, who later married Howard Laughlin.

ABOVE: Grade 4 - Collinsville School 1935

(This photo was contributed by Donald Falk, July 2012)

The teacher was Roberta Russell, who later married Howard Laughlin.

ABOVE: Grade 5 and 6 - Collinsville School 1936

(This photo was contributed by Donald Falk, July 2012)

The teacher was Estel Davis, according to a note written on the back of this photo.

ABOVE: Grade 1 - Collinsville School 1945-46

(This photo was contributed by Harlan Miller - 09.26.09)

Front row: Unknown, Charlie Menke, unknown, Harold Saunders, Billy Allen, Charlie Lang, and Mack Parker

Back row: Unknown, unknown, Sue Finley, Gail Shaw, unknown, and Jerry Welborn (?)

Questions Marks = probable , but not positive identity.

ABOVE: Grades 1 and 2 - Collinsville School 1945-46

(This photo was contributed by Harlan Miller - 09.26.09)

Front row: Billy Allen, Harlan Miller, ____ Allen (?), Billy Burdge, unknown, Sue Finley, Roberta Napier, Frances Beiser, and Gail Shaw

Middle row: The first four girls standing in front of the teacher are unknown. The boy in the bib overalls is Mack Parker, then Jerry Welborn (?), Billy Slayback (?), Garnett Lang, Charles Menke, and Charles Lang.

Back row: Mrs. Marie Schmidt (teacher - grades 1 and 2), Darlene Sams (?), Sonja Todd, Billy Fields (?), Jimmy Inman, Frankie Daniels, Freddie Lindley, and ____ (?) - unfortunately, the image was cut off at this point.

ABOVE: Collinsville School Second Grade 1947-48

(This image was contributed by Fay (Dees) O'Brien in March 2009.)

The names of the students (see list below) were confirmed by Fay (Dees) O'Brien, Jewel (Yauger) Hayes, and Betty (Lindley) Daniels.

We believe this photo was taken in front of the large shade tree that stood in the fence line behind (west of) Collinsville School.

Top Row: Jewel Yauger, Fay Dees, Betty Jean Lindley, Helen Parker, Betty Jane Ross, and Clarence "Sonny" Steele.

Middle Row: Martha Jane Todd , Unidentified, Beverly Bradbury, Imogene Schultz, and Janet Baumann.

Front Row: Earl Crane, unidentified, unidentified, Jack Hansel, unidentified, and (perhaps) Billy Brooks (?).

Together Again...


Six decades after the photo of the 1947-48 Collinsville School second grade class

(shown  immediately above)

was taken, four of the girls

seen in that photo

returned to the

Collinsville School.


RIGHT: (Left to right) Janet (Baumann) Jewell,

Fay(Dees) O'Brien, Jewell (Yauger) Hayes,

and Betty Jean (Lindley) Daniels,

attended the Darrtown Gathering

on September 26, 2009 at

Darrtown's Hitching Post.


The four life-long friends then traveled to Collinsville to tour their old elementary school building and reminisce about their

school days together.



Mrs. Faye Rudicil, Collinsville School

4th Grade Teacher (Circa 1948-1949)


In the late 1940's, it was common practice, for schools with small enrollments, to house two grade levels in the same classroom. Consequently, Mrs. Rudicil taught both the third and fourth grade students at Collinsville School.


Mrs. Rudicil's 1948-1949 fourth grade class is shown below.


Webmaster Note: The two images (left and below) were found among the scrapbooks and photos preserved by Mrs. Albert Lindley.

RIGHT: Mrs. Rudicil's Fourth Grade Students

(Circa 1948-1949)


The photo at the right and the one immediately above were taken at the same location. Mrs. Rudicil is seen standing in front of the coal chute at the south side of the Collinsville school building and the five boys in the back row, at the right, are standing on the door of the coal chute.


RIGHT: Front Row (L-R): Billy Rudicil, Rosemary Krauth, Barbara Bowling, Garnett Lang, Sonja Todd, Phyliss Brandenburg, Nancy Hood (?), Wilma Parker, Frances Beiser, Ralph Yauger, Roberta Napier, and Harlan Miller.


Back Row (L-R): Jimmy Inman, Freddie Lindley, Kenny Russell, Billy Fields, and Jerry Neal.

Collinsville and Somerville Schools Choral Groups Combined (circa late 1940s)


The following photograph was contributed by Fay (Dees) O'Brien.


Thanks to the combined efforts of Fay (Dees) O'Brien, Jewel (Yauger) Hayes and Betty (Lindley) Daniels, we have deduced that this group includes students from both Collinsville and Somerville schools. We believe that the event involved singing "live" over the air waves of radio station WMOH (Hamilton, Ohio). Thanks to the "Z" logo above the stage and some Internet sleuthing, we believe this event occurred in the Zion Lutheran Church, 212 South Front Street, in Hamilton, Ohio.


To assist in identifying the participants, the "choral" photograph is presented in the following manner:

1st. The image appears in its entirety.

2nd. The image then appears in two halves (which allows us to increase the size of image).

3rd. Each half of the image is accompanied with (A) a smaller version of the half that includes numerals and (B) a list of names that identifies persons in the photo.



#1: Entire Group Photo

#2: Left Half of Photo

1 = Roberta Napier ?

2 = Judy Morrow?

3 = Betty Wooten?

4 = Garnett Lang?

5 = Beverly Bradbury

6 = Charlotte Mann?

7 = Carol Klink?

8 = Donna Wates?

9 = Marlene Schutte?

10 = Imogene Schultz

11 = Janet Baumann

12 = Betty Jean Lindley

#3: Right Half of Photo

1 = Walter Wooten?

2 = Barbara Bowling

3 = Robert Young

4 = Jerry Neal?

5 = Sonja Todd

6 = Margaret "Peggy" Steele

7 = Phyllis Brandenburg

8 = Freddie Lindley

9 = Harlan Miller

10 = Joe Quick?

11 = Clarence "Sonny" Steele

12 = Billy Burdge

13 = Charlie Lang

14 = Joe Mann

15 = Mack Parker

16 = Douglas Russell

17 - Geraldine Huber

18 = Jewell Yauger

19 = Betty Jane Ross

20 = Fay Dees

21 = Helen Parker

22 = Jack Hansel

23 = Dale Yauger

24 = Ralph Yauger

25 = Ronnie Wiley

26 = Mrs. Margaret Lockwood


Milford Twp. Girls Ensemble Rate Superior At Music Festival


By Miss Maria Davis ~ Special to Journal News


"Milford Township School Girls Ensemble earned Superior or Number One rating at District 12 Music audition at Miami University, Saturday, March 15. This competitive festival is under the auspices of the Ohio Music Education Association.


The Milford Girls Triple Trio is from the fifth and sixth grade class of Mrs. Harry Teckman. Members of the ensemble are first sopranos, Mary Ann Lang, Helen Parker, and Patricia Prescott; second soprano, Carol Sue Gerber, Charlotte Mann, and Mary Lou Napier; altos, Janet Baumann, Betty Jane Ross, and Donna Wright.


Under the direction of Mrs. Fred T. Baumgartner, music teacher at Milford and accompanied at the piano by Miss Marilyn Gaunce, the girls sang three songs: "Scherzo" by Salieri; "Alleluia," Old German, and the "Brooklet" by Schubert.


Mrs. Elmer Mann, Mrs. Paul Gerber, and Mrs. Robert Napier were drivers of the cars to Oxford. Miss Dora Lyon of the Music faculty at Miami University was among the adjudicators for the Girls Ensemble event. District Number 12 includes Clermont, Hamilton, and Butler Counties."


The news article that appears at the left was contributed by Fay (Dees) O'Brien. It appeared in the Hamilton Journal News, Wednesday, March 19, 1952.


Milford Township (Collinsville School) Students Who Were Freshmen at Seven Mile High School in 1952-53


The following photo below shows the 1952-53 freshman class at Seven Mile High School (St. Clair Township). This group included all the ninth graders from St. Clair Township, plus those ninth graders from Milford Township who had elected at the end of their sixth grade year at Collinsville Elementary to attend Seven Mile. Most of the students shown below were classmates at Seven Mile Junior/Senior HIgh School for four years (grades 7 through 10).

The students' names are listed in left to right order. The names of the Milford Township students appear in UPPERCASE font.


Front row: Wayne Martin, Richard Pflanzer, Ronnie Carmack, JERRY NEAL, RALPH YAUGER, FREDDIE LINDLEY, and KENNY RUSSELL.


Second row: ROBERTA NAPIER, ROSEMARY KRAUTH, FRANCES BEISER, CAROLYN BROWN, PHYLLIS BRANDENBURG, SONIA TODD, _______, PATTY PATER, Carolyn Kopher (spelling?), Nancy Hood, Karen Vidourek, and teacher, Mrs. Blanche Mann.


Back row: GARNET LANG, Bob Dockum, Richard Heck, Paul Malcom, Keith Beiser, ______, Ray Paragin, Ralph Treadway, and WILMA PARKER.



Consolidation Leads to the Creation of the Talawanda School District


In the months leading up to the spring of 1954, the Ohio Department of Education created the Talawanda School District.


Effective with the 1954-55 school year, Milford Township students who were seniors at Seven Mile High School were permitted to finish their high school careers at Seven Mile. While some exceptions were made during the transition period, at the start of the 1954-55 school year, the majority of the Milford Township students enrolled in grades seven through 11, were transferred to the newly formed Talawanda School District.


Thus, in the fall of the 1954-55 school year, most of the Milford Township students (shown in the 1952-53 Seven Mile Freshman photo above) became juniors at Stewart High School and were members of the last senior class to graduate from Oxford Stewart High School in 1956.


During this transition period, construction began on the original Talawanda High School, which was located on Spring Street in Oxford began. THS opened in the fall of 1956.


From Collinsville Through College


Classmates for 13 years


The threesome shown at the right graduated from Miami University in June 1960.


Fred Lindley, Roberta Napier, and Ralph Yauger (standing left to right) were together for three years at Collinsville, four years at Seven Mile, two years at Oxford Stewart, and four years at Miami University.


Collinsville School - as part of the Talawanda School District




ABOVE: Collinsville School Fifth Grade (1959-60)


Top row: Marlene Baecker, David Napier, Dale Gerber, Principal Marie Schmidt, 5th Grade Teacher Mabel Bradbury, Jack Tharp, Tommy Zigler, and Wayne Perry.


Second row from the top: Jimmy Bowman, Mike Cato, Jimmy Witt, Dane Menke, Dennis Holmes, and Charlene Spicer.


Third row from the top: Connie Turner, Ludley Durrough, Ralph Bowman, Carrie Allen, Shirley Tomlinson, and Lynette Lintner.


Fourth row from the top: Timmy Brunner, Linda Risch, Naomi Jo Witherby, and David Hoelle.

From Student Teacher to Teacher

- with the Same Group of Students


Webmaster Note: During the spring (1959) semester of my senior year at Miami University, I had the good fortune and genuine pleasure of completing my student teaching requirement in the fifth grade classroom taught by Mrs. Mabel Bradbury at Collinsville School. Mrs. Bradbury and those students appear in the image shown immediately above.


More good fortune befell me, at the end of that 1959-1960 school year, when the esteemed Mrs. Virginia Teckman retired from her position as the sixth-grade teacher at Collinsville and I was hired to replace her. As a result, my first classroom of students were those who appear in the photo above, plus two "move-in" students: Emmit Colwell and Madeline Glover.


In November, 2013, Naomi (Witherby) Fea gave me the two following photos that she took when she was one of my sixth grade students in 1960-61. It may appear that the photos were taken at the same time, however, dates on the back of each photo indicate otherwise.

Fred Lindley, 5th grade student teacher at the left

and sixth grade teacher, above.

Mrs. Marie Schmidt's Final First Grade Class - Circa 1970?


Webmaster Note: In early August 2009, Naomi (Witherby) Fea contributed the following image and caption that appeared in the Oxford Press newspaper.

Mrs. Marie Schmidt's Final First Grade Class - Circa 1970?


"Shown above are members of the Collinsville School first grade class, the last class to be taught by Mrs. Marie Schmidt, who is retiring after having served the Milford Township District for the past 46 years.


Shown with Mrs. Schmidt, left foreground, are, left to right:


First row: Holly Madden, Danita Howard, David Smith, Jeff Shannon, Scott Erbeck, John Flaig, Tracy Hamblin, Sharon Pate, Billy Wright, Scott Blakley, and Debbie Coyner.


Second row: John Wolverton, Gus Weber, Jerry Couch, Freddie Rahmes, Ronald Reece, Patti Bunger, Kristina Coombs, Cindy Hurley, Mark Newton, Dion Nelson, Brett Long, and Terry Allen.


A reception honoring Mrs. Schmidt will be held at the Collinsville Building Sunday afternoon from 1-4 p.m."



NOTE: The following images are arranged in the order that they were received.

Janet Baumann - grade 4

Sandy Bowling - grade 3

Beverly Bradbury

Shirley Krauth

Charlotte Mann

Phyllis McWhorter

Shirley Michael

Harlan MIller

Helen Parker

Betty Jane Ross

Frankie Ross

Elizabeth Saffron

Imogene Schultz

Clarence "Sonny" Steele

Martha Todd

Myrna Uhl

Janice Wills

Donna Wright

Jewel Yauger

Donnie Thomas

Sue Finley ?

Darlene Sams?



Mabel Bradbury

teacher, grade 4

Mr. Welborn

custodian & bus driver

Mrs. Welborn


Ann Grollmus


1969 Collinsville School Sixth Grade


The following image was taken from a FaceBook posting by Kim Ogle in August 2013.

Ann Foust sent an email note, on July 3, 2014, in which she identified all but ten of the students. Linn Weiss sent an email note, on October 12, 2014, in which he identified the remaining ten students.


From front to back, left to right:

Front row: Charlie Wright, Greg Logsdon, Cliff Hall, Clarence Howard (?), and Stuart Shepard.


Second row: Rick Clayton, David Russell, Linn Weiss, Nancy White, Morris Huffman, Anna Gillespie, and Donna Whitlock.


Third row: Mrs. Freda Circle, school secretary; Rhonda Gross, Jackie Long, Rob Madden, Donna Bicknell, Belinda Ward, Lisa Thome, James Haenie, and Wally Humpfleet.


Back row: Maryann Pate, Violet Carpenter, Beverly Sandlin, Karen McComb, Chloe Mitchell, Iris Hall, and Kim Ogle, and Mr. Murray Peters, teacher.

1971 Collinsville School Sixth Grade


The following image was taken from a FaceBook posting by Debi Thomas in September, 2018.

Debi Thomas and several others identified the following classmates.


First (front) row: Scott Shepherd,  Paul Smith,Steve Jackson, Dick Wells, Tom Toth, Tim Harding.

Second row: Bev Clayton,Diana Wells, Debi Thomas,Sharon Haehnle, JoAnn Presley, Linda Hoskins,Sheila Bailey, Patty McDade.

Third row: Rick Bicknell, Tom Saunders, Tom Thompson, Francis Brown, Debi Hamblin, Barry Beckmeier , Chuck Branscum, Mitch Kuhlman.

Fourth (back) row: Duane Clark, Wayne Carr, Jimmy Newton, Anita Bolser, Dennis Whitlock, Scott Clark, Diane Gronas, Dave Broxterman, and teacher, Mr. Murray Peters.

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