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SOCIAL 1: Milford Twp. Council #1 and the Milford Twp. Discussion Group

SOCIAL 2: Cornett Band and Brincefield Quartet

SOCIAL 3: The K. U. W. L. Club / Tallawanda Progressive Club

SOCIAL 4: The  Pals and/or Priscilla Club

SOCIAL 5: The Tallawanda Garden Club

SOCIAL 6: The Darrtown Knights of Pythias Lodge

SOCIAL 7: The Darrtown Odd Fellows Society

The social organizations that are available from the links listed above are not presented as an all-inclusive list of Darrtown social organizations. As memories provide and/or as ongoing research efforts reveal, content and details will be added and/or updated. If you can provide additional content or if you help make any of the current information more accurate, please contact the Darrtown webmaster.























"The Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) is a fraternal organization that has been around since, at the earliest, the 1730s in England. In a time where people were dying of plague, they organized for the betterment of life. The Odd Fellows have performed acts of philanthropy like building houses and burying the dead to help stop the flow of disease. The IOOF website says “[They] came to be known as ‘Odd Fellows’ because it was odd to find people organized for the purpose of giving aid to those in need and of pursuing projects for the benefit of all mankind.” (This description of the Odd Fellows purpose and history was taken from the Odyssey Online website.)

A history of the Odd Fellow Society appears at:

More information about the Odd Fellows Society appears at:

The triple links, a recurring symbol among Odd Fellows internationally, connoting the motto of "Amicitia Amor et Veritas"; English: "Friendship, Love and Truth".




On December 5, 2018, Darrtown native, Marvin Russell, informed the webmaster that the existence of a Darrtown Odd Fellows society is corroborated by two entries in a historical publication, titled the "A History and Biographical Cyclopedia of Butler County, Ohio."  See:

"The fourth school building, a frame, was erected about 1848, and occupied a site two hundred yards west of the center of the village. This building was used until the present brick was put up, with an Odd Fellows' hall above, but which has been sold to the school directors for school purposes..""



This is the first of two references to the Darrtown Odd Fellows society.


This quotation appears in a paragraph about Darrtown schools on page 566

in the text cited above.

"Odd Fellows Lodge, No. 47, was chartered June 10,1871. The charter members were W. H. HARRIS, A. J. MORTON, W. L. LANE, Joseph and David KECK, R. G. and William KENDALL, and George MORTON. This society is a branch of the Somerville Lodge. There are now thirty-two members. The hall where the society meets was built for a select school, and was owned in shares, which were bought at a small figure from the stockholders. A. J. NORTON was the first N. G.; W. H. HARRIS, the first vice-grand..""



This is the second reference to the

Darrtown Odd Fellows society.


This quotation appears in the eighth paragraph below the one cited above.

This concludes all that is known about this group, as of 12/06/2018.

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