Research is vital to uncovering stories from the past. Suggestions for conducting research related to Darrtown are provided below. There are three catagories:

   1. How to access historical resources at this website.

   2. How to access property records at the county courthouse.

   3. How to access property record searches contributed to this website.

1. How to access historical resources at this website...

The history section of this website provides several sources of Darrtown history. These include:

  • The Darrtown Family Tree
  • The Stephen D. Cone Biographical and Historical Sketches
  • The Lewis A. Miller Diaries
  • Plus, pages devoted to Darrtown maps, Darrtown chronological events, Darrtown timeline, and other historical events.

Find these resources at:

2. How to access property records at the county court house...

Property records are another source of historical information. Public records of property ownership in Butler County/Darrtown are available at the Butler County Recorder's office.

If you feel like digging into the past of a piece of real estate,

you are invited to use the following guide to uncover history.



(As of February 2017)

BACKGROUND: People occasionally contact the webmaster with questions about various pieces of property in or around Darrtown.


Marvin Russell, a Darrtown native, has frequently volunteered to research the history of various Darrtown properties.


On the assumption that it would empower others to conduct their own property searches, if they knew how to do so, the webmaster asked Marvin to share his approach to conducting a property search in Butler County, Ohio. In response to that request, Marvin provided the following guidelines.

 1. You will need an accurate address (number and name) of the property that you wish to research. 2. You may wish to take some means of recording the information that you find during your research. 3. Go to the Butler County Administrative Building at the corner of Riverfront Plaza and High Street (the address is 130 High Street) in Hamilton, Ohio. Office hours are 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday. Document recording is available from 8 AM to 3:30 PM. There is a nominal fee for recording. 4. Parking is available at the rear (north side) of the building. 5. You may enter from the parking lot or you may enter at the front of the building on High Street. 6. Go to the Recorder’s office, which is located on the second floor. 7. Go to the Customer Service desk for help. Inform the personnel that you wish to look up a certain piece of property and they will assist you. They are very good about helping. They will escort you back to the old books from the early 1800’s, if you want to search that far back in time.
Marvin Russell's Guidelines to conducting Property searches

NOTE: It is possible to determine the CURRENT OWNER of real estate in Butler County Ohio, by conducting an online search at:

3. How to access property record searches contributed to this website...

Some Darrtown-related property record searches have been contributed to this website.


To see the searches that have been contributed, click the icon/link at the right.

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